Street Fashion

A photography documentary project on very bold, avant-garde personal fashion that is not designed to impress but to emphasize ones’ personality. Link:

Tattoo Talk

Tattoo & the special meaning it holds for the person was the inspiration behind exploring the various tattoo’d people in this photo documentary. Link:

Reason to Live

This photography documentary project was inspired by the numerous people I have met over my life traveling in India & the US, who have shown a desperate power within themselves […]

Music My Life

A long term photo documentary of street musicians & buskers from various corners of New York City, San Francisco & other cities of the US. Link:

Masks We Wear

A documentary photography project exploring the nuances of social interactions. The project dives into social scenes where a mask, or a dress-up provides a safe space, creates sort of an […]

Life on Edge

A contemporary street documentary project focusing on the assertive lifestyles of people. They challenge the social customs & go beyond the traditional routines. Link: